Warrax The Chaos Warrior

Hero 8 5 9 8 3 8 10
Demi-God 16 9 17 25 6 25 90
Fame Req'd 40
Hiring Cost 500 gold
Maintenance 10 gold per turn
Skills Armor Piercing Attacks
Hero Skills Constitution, Arcane Power, Spell Casting
Rndm Skills 3 Fighter/Mage picks
Spells None


портрет There are just some things in life that are so important, everybody should have them. A place to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. This is how I feel about Warrax. Everybody should have him in their army each and every game. And judging by the number of messages I have received regarding Warrax, I would say most other MoM players feel this way too! What is it that makes me grin from ear to ear each time I manage to summon him? Is it the fact that he has Armor Piercing on both his magical and melee attacks? Could it be the fact that his magical ranged attacks are backed by Arcane Power and do an amazing amount of damage? Is it his Constitution which grants him more hit points? Or is it the fact that he has enough spell skill to take out an entire army all by himself?

Well, thats a start. However, what really makes Warrax such an amazing hero is the three random picks he gets to add to his already impressive list of attributes. And he gets to pick them from any category! Wow! If he is already this tough, what should you be looking for?

Super Arcane Power

Since it only takes 1 pick, pray to get Super Arcane Power. Due to his Armor Piercing skill, Warrax has the potential to have the most devastating magical ranged attacks of any hero in Master of Magicc. Yes, even more than Aerie The Illusionist since a lot of monsters have immunity to her illusionary attacks.

Blade Master

If you manage to get Warrax with the Blade Master skill, you must have done something right in a past life. Once again, Warrax has the potential to be the strongest magical attack fighter in the game, but it will require Blade Master to ensure it. You need to make sure his Armor Piercing attacks are accurate and inflict maxium damage.

Those are the two highest priorities on my list of random picks. The following would be secondary:


Warrax will be one of those heroes who mixes it up with the bad boys, therefore he will need a little more defense. I wouldn't say that increasing his defense is as important as increasing his magical attack strength and accuracy, but it would be highly beneficial. Keep in mind that unlike most other magical attack heroes, Warrax is capable of wearing armor. Therefore, you can also create a +8 defense plate mail for him to wear.


Since Warrax's Armor Piercing attacks apply to both his magical ranged attacks and his melee attacks, why not take advantage of this? With might, he would have enough melee attack strength that you could give him a +6 attack staff (which only increases his ranged attacks), and still be able to kill units in melee combat! What a bad-ass!

As a final note, Warrax is definitely an offensive fighter. In fact, he is so offensive that I often use him as a solo fighter to take out entire armies and cities! Rarely do enemy units every get close enough to him to make him defensive, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. He's not good enough to take out a Sky Drake, but he is powerful enough to damage them a little bit with his magical ranged attacks. Sky Drakes are immune to magic and Warrax can still hurt them! Wow! So be sure to give Warrax some company before entering a node filled with Sky Drakes.


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